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Carbon Footprint tracking tools

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Reducing Carbon in the digital realm

25-30 min talk, on understanding and reducing emissions if you’re a tech company. Talk by @chris, Adams, with QnA at Chaos Computing Congress in Leipzig Dec 2019.

Lists providers, and existing frameworks for calculating it, and common challenges. (Sorry it’s not that polished I was pretty nervous - C)

The deck used from the conference. It covers scoped emissions, demand response, serverless, the link between web performance and carbon emissions and so on:

Providers of tools to track CO2 emissions within organisations

Existing SaaS from early stage startups

  • - Berlin based startup aimed at helping SMEs understand their carbon footprint. Incubated by Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures
  • - carbon footprinting for loads of stuff, from the makers of electricity map. Focussed on individual emissions.
  • - CO2 footprint service that plugs into accounting/ERP software to autogenerate scoped emissions figures and reports suitable for ESG reporting.
  • - another company, doing the ERP -> CO2. They offer a free plan to get a one off scoped emissions footprint. Founded in the UK, but now based in the US.

Larger companies

  • Amazon’s paper on how they work out their own footprint, annotated with notes from @chris using - (note from C: I use hypothesis to share notes as I research. Would love if other CATs gave it a try too :+1:t4::green_heart::earth_africa:)

Open source stuff on github

Software from existing carbon offset providers: