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This is a public facing companion to the #greener-events channel in the CAT slack workspace. While we post links, insights and summaries into that channel, it’s not all that discoverable, so as an experiement, things that are worth sharing for a longer period will end up here.

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I’m running an event. Where should I start first when thinking about the environmental impact?

Travel will usually make up the lion’s share. In most cases it makes up more than half for a conference with international attendees. Consider offsetting attendee travel emissions or provide virtual events.

For local events, focus on: reducing energy consumption, sustainable sourcing of food/beverages, and waste reduction/diversion.

Can someone help me with event planning?

Yes! There are event planners that specialize in sustainability and zero waste. If you have a hard time finding one, consider calling different venues and asking if they have green event planners that they work with.

How do I pick a green venue?

  1. Check for certifications & awards (Level one ASTM Standard, Four Green Keys, LEED).
  2. Make sure their waste diversion system includes recycling & composting.
  3. Ask if they source products and food sustainably.
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