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Greener Web Performance

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According to Mozilla’s 2018 Internet Health Report, the internet’s datacenters produce as much CO2 as air travel.

If you make websites, you can make a difference by sending less data and improving performance.

To get started, check out these links:

  1. Greening the Web, slides by Amy Drayer: A guide to front-end optimizations

  2. 17 ways to make your website more energy efficient: Includes advice on design, content, and SEO.

  3. How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet by Jack Lenox: Includes technical advice on measuring performance and server-side optimization.

  4. Essential Image Optimization, by Addy Osmani: ebook on how to automate image compression


  1. ICT and the climate - Ericsson’s report arguing the impact of lower than previously thought. Report on the web | PDF report | background info PDF.


  1. PurgeCSS: Get rid of extra CSS
  2. Website Carbon: Estimate your website carbon footprint
  3. Minify resources

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