Climate Action Discourse

Looking for help setting this discourse instance as a dockerised app

I’m not sure where it makes sense to put this yet, so leaving it here for now.

Hi there,

This is call for help for someone in the CAT community to help me with setting up this discourse instance in dockerised form, running on a more powerful server.

Where this runs now:

At the moment, as of June 8th 2020, this forum is an install of discourse running on uberspace.

We have forked version of the sign in via slack oauth, which is part of the repl

What we need some help with

The officially supported way of running discourse is to use docker. We’re looking for a volunteer to help us with:

  • setting up some ansible scripts to provision the software on a VPS
  • getting the slack sign in working again, as an installed plugin, rather than part of a forked codebase
  • figuring out a sensible approach for managing updates in future
  • fix the annoying issue where people signed into multiple slacks can get an error if the CAT slack isn’t the first one they are signed into this issue on the discourse repo on the CAT github organisation explains in more detail.

Relevant links

The repo below generates the docker images used for development and production

A primer for hacking on discourse

The plugin we found that worked, that we had to fork to use without docker

Our fork

Some useful context for understanding slack and oauth:

How we probably should have installed it in, if the host we used ran docker:

More info on oauth2 support and discourse (