Climate Action Discourse

Pandemic × Green New Deal

The massive disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic brings us a curious opportunity.

Because the pandemic needs our societies to instigate widespread disruption to minimise the spread of the virus, there will need to be a substantial economic stimulus once we’re coming out of the other side of things.

That means that we have an opportunity to persuade politicians who would normally be hostile to any subsidies, let alone targetted ones, that they should support a Green New Deal.

The most effective lobbying messages draw on specific bullet points, crafted to appeal to each representatives own interests, but written in a constituent’s own words. We can make this easier for individuals by providing lists of talking points and sample sentences to tweak.

Initially, I’m thinking of the UK (simply because that’s where I live) and creating bullet points of issues for each party. Once we have those, we can expand them into prototype letters for users to adapt. This same pattern can be used for pretty much any representative democracy, of course, and those talking points will vary by jurisdiction as well as party — a Republican in a US state that currently takes a lot of open-spaces tourism will be persuaded by different issues than a Republican in a fossil-fuel-producing state.

First steps:

  • For each represented in Westminster (or your own legislature), create a bullet-list of talking points.

I’ve created the start of a document on Google Docs for crowdsourcing these points. Please add talking points, parties and jurisdictions at your leisure.