Climate Action Discourse

Talks by CATs on climate and tech

Have you given a talk on climate and tech at a confernce, meetup, or online in the last 12 months?

If so, add a comment, with a link to the recordings or the slides you’ve given. If we get enough together, we’ll turn this into a wiki page to make it easier to navigate.

I’ve done LOADS of talks on this subject

Sweet! If you’ve done more than 5, please list the top 5 for now, but if you can link to a page with more that would be fantastic

I’d like to speak about climate and tech in future.

That’s fantastic news! We’re looking for folks to do talks for in-person and remote events for the CAT community,

Fill out the CAT talks submission form, we’ll add you to the list for future speakers, and let you know when there are new community events.

We’re considering doing something similar for external events too, to share speaking opportunities and calls for proposals. If this interests you, the [The CAT Talks submission form] above has an opt-in to let you express interest in this as well.